Dietary Supplements That Can Do Wonders For Your Sexual Performance

Dietary supplements have become a more acceptable and natural way to help make your body stronger and perform at its best. As a male pushing 30 or more, you may experience some diminished libido, challenges in the bedroom, or just a general sense of lethargy. Supplements have a combination of ingredients that each work their magic, giving your body the help it needs to restore some of that lost vitality and confidence. Here’s a look at what exactly goes into dietary supplements like Alpha Elite and how they can help you increase sexual performance, improve stamina, and improve sexual desire.

The Power of Five

Power-packed testosterone boosting Alpha Elite is a performance enhancement supplement that tackles the problems associated with a flagging sex drive, low-energy levels, poor stamina, erectile dysfunction and other associated challenges that can hamper your sexual performance. And this is how it gets the job done.

D-aspartic acid (DAA)

An amino acid, DAA stimulates testosterone production by working on receptors that trigger the release of testosterone regulating luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. While the former, LH, promotes the production of testosterone, the latter, FSH, triggers sperm production.
Among other things, by-products from the breakdown of DAA also get used up by the body as an energy source during any kind of physical activity – sexual or otherwise – improving stamina. Higher testosterone levels are also associated with increased concentration of oxygen carrying red blood cells, another factor that aids the improvement of stamina. As the supplement causes testosterone levels to go up, the amygdala is stimulated, which gives a big lift to one’s mood, confidence and drive.


Testosterone gets another leg up from fenugreek which inhibits the action of aromatase that’s responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. The saponin glycosides in it also keeps the levels of fenugreek up in the body for longer, since it is not easily degraded by liver and stomach enzymes. This helps the effect of fenugreek linger longer in the body, sustaining the higher levels of testosterone for longer. Besides this fenugreek helps stimulate sexual desire as well as arousal. Men with erectile issues benefit from the improved blood flow associated with nitric oxide which is produced in higher amounts when saponin is present in the blood.


This ingredient, derived from the leaves of the plant of the same name, is pivotal in keeping sperm production levels up and improving the vitality as well motility of the sperm itself. It also helps revive and energize men who are experiencing general lethargy.

Zinc citrate

Zinc citrate helps keep testosterone levels up by preventing its breakdown. It also aids sperm production. Getting the adequate quantity of this nutrient into the body via a daily supplement can help men who have problems of impotence and general lethargy, as well as those who experience hormonal imbalances.

Horny goat weed extract

This unique extract helps improve blood flow to the penis by stimulating nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide has a dilating effect on the blood vessels ensuring the body is kept well oxygenated and vascular function is good. A natural aphrodisiac, its benefits have been known for a while now, but a daily supplement makes it easily available in a simple to consume form.