VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Servers

Shared servers have their limitations and most website owners eventually upgrade to VPS or dedicated units. Choosing between these two options isn’t easy, especially if website owners don’t know how they differ in performance. Here’s a brief look at VPS hosting in Canada and standalone servers:

What is a dedicated server? 

A standalone server is a powerful machine with ample RAM, CPU, and computing resources. An operating system is installed directly onto this hardware, allowing clients to access the full capabilities of this system. Clients get full control of the server so they can create their own virtual environments, host multiple websites, or large-scale websites in it. Large news media websites, enterprise-level e-commerce websites, etc, are stored in dedicated units.

What is VPS? 

VPS is a virtual section within a standalone server. It has access to a set amount of resources and is independent of other sections in the hardware. Standalone units are very powerful so you still have access to substantial resources if you choose VPS. While virtual spaces aren’t as powerful as top-tier physical assets, they can handle a lot of traffic and load.

Factors to consider  

  • Cost – VPS hosting Canada is affordable, compared to standalone systems. This is one of the most important factors to consider because hosting is a recurring expense. Getting a dedicated unit can increase your monthly expenditure by a considerable margin. If you’re on a limited budget, a virtual space is a better option.
  • Scalability – Both options are scalable but it is more difficult and expensive to add resources to a dedicated server. You will have to book an additional unit or request a hardware upgrade. VPS is easily scalable, especially on the cloud platform. It’s easy to add another virtual asset or increase resources provided your existing asset.
  • Security – Physicalassets beat virtual ones in terms of security. They’re completely isolated, physically separated from other websites. Virtual spaces are isolated with the help of a software program. This system is still very secure, so it’s difficult to hack into or compromise your website.
  • Speed and performance – Top-tier stand-alone units will outperform VPS systems, top-tier virtual units can outperform some smaller servers.

Most websites don’t need individual servers unless they want exceptional security, face massive amounts of traffic, and have a lot of data. Websavers VPS hosting is scalable so it can easily grow with your website. There’s no need to jump from shared hosting to dedicated servers early as that would just be a waste of money.